0-60 MPH in 2.3 Sec! How the Dodge Demon is The World’s Fastest Accelerating Production Car

Right before its recent release not too long ago, the Dodge Challenger Demon had been ...

Right before its recent release not too long ago, the Dodge Challenger Demon had been a machine to stir up quite a controversy. Having a laundry list of items that have never been accomplished by a street legal production car before, this supercharged Mopar machine most certainly had everybody talking. Some were singing the praises of Dodge and how they’ve been able to carry out something like this and others were just a little bit skeptical about all these high claims that Dodge was making. The car did, after all, seem like some sort of real-world superhero. It just looks like some of this world might not have been ready for it!

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We all know that the Demon is a mechanical monster. However, will it be able to live up to all of the hype? The company did make a lot of claims about records in different metrics that really looked to make this car incredible but how accurate are those claims in the real world and if the Dodge Demon can live up to those claims, which I don’t doubt that it can for a second, how exactly does it go about getting there? It had to take tons of engineering and long hours of design to really make it pull off some of these goals. This time, the guys at TFL Car take us inside of the latest performance machine straight out of the doors of Mopar and dig into it deep enough to figure out exactly what’s going on in the brain of the hellacious beast to make it do the incredible things that it does.

Ride along with this in-depth featurette that will tell you everything that you ever wanted to know and more about this supercharged muscle car that is unlike any that has ever preceded it. After seeing how everything comes together in one cohesive package that is a performance mastermind, be sure to tell us what you think of the Demon. Does a video like this change your perspective on the car that is built to rule them all?

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