$1,000,000+ Mercedes CLK GTR Late Night Blast on the Street

What kind of things do you think go into making a car worth $1 million? That’s ...

What kind of things do you think go into making a car worth $1 million? That’s a really tough question answer when most houses in this country don’t even rack up that kind of price tag so what could possibly be so great about a car that makes it worth six figures?

This is a topic that’s debated around water coolers everywhere and I guess it comes down to is the fact that value is in the eyes of the market. If someone so desires a car enough to spend that much money on it, no matter what it costs to produce, then the car is worth that much!

This time, we ride along with a simple video that attempts to answer just that question as a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR makes its way to the streets, ripping around a little bit in a late night blast session that shows what a $1 million car looks like on a regular cruise like this.

Check out the video below that might just make you a little bit nervous as you ride alongside this incredibly expensive automobile. I would be pretty anxious driving anywhere around this thing because one false move and you’re in a situation that not even your insurance company will want to think about paying to fix.

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