11 Year Old Kid Driving a Lamborghini Huracan vs a Chevrolet Corvette C7

What better way to launch your driving career than by sliding behind the wheel of a ...

What better way to launch your driving career than by sliding behind the wheel of a Lamborghini at the age of 11 and outrunning a Z06 Corvette? That may very well be what we’re looking at, as this kid seems to have a pretty good handle on this Huracan.

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Of course, it’s not as hard to make a clean pass down the drag strip as it used to be, with the advent of paddle shifters instead of full manual transmissions, but let’s not let that diminish the fact that this kid gets to make an eighth mile pass in a car most of us will only dream of driving.

We aren’t really sure what the premise is here as far as how the tween ended up behind the wheel of such a badass exotic ride, so we’re just gonna assume there’s some kind of bet or challenge going on here between the kid in the Lambo and the guy behind the wheel of the C7 Z06. We can just hear it now, the owner of the Lambo telling the guy with the Z06 “My car is so much faster than yours, I bet an eleven year old could outrun you in it!”

Who knows why, and who cares! We have to wonder if this kid has driven a car like this before, as he seems to do a pretty good job of handling the horsepower roaring to life behind the seats of the gorgeous Huracan. These two brutes lay down fairly close runs, but it does appear that the Lambo takes the win. It’s a shame we can’t make out the times on the scoreboards, as that would tell us just how close the race was or wasn’t on the top end. Props to this young man for handling the Lambo so well for his age, something tells us we will be seeing him again.

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