1600hp TT Viper DOMINATES Roll Race

1600hp TT Viper DOMINATES Roll RaceEnter for your chance to win the GTR Redline or ...

1600hp TT Viper DOMINATES Roll Race

Enter for your chance to win the GTR Redline or $50,000 in Ca$h!
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Today, our friends at 1320video bring us a super impressive twin turbo Dodge Viper that doesn’t make the most power out of the field, but most definitely stands out amongst the plethora of Lamborghini Gallardo and Nissan GT-R enthusiasts. Don’t get us wrong, not much beats a clean Gallardo, but we’re big fans of diversity every once in a while as well.

Even though the car makes such a monumental amount of power as compared to the majority of cars on the streets, we still see it clock in on a pretty consistent basis, each pass within 5mph or so of the last.

This makes it one tough cookie to crumble as it takes home win after win when going up against the likes of a high horsepower Toyota Supra, Ford Mustang Cobra, and another insane Dodge Viper.

Be sure you check out this meticulously clean and most definitely unique Viper in the video below! You have to see this build for yourself!

This Bel Air burnout isn’t for the faint of heart!


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