1969 Camaro Does Massive No Prep Wheelstand! On The Bumper!

If you take one look at your friends, I think there will be a clear division of two ...

If you take one look at your friends, I think there will be a clear division of two groups. There are those who enjoy an adrenaline rush then there are those who would rather sit back and take it easy. This time, we bring you a video that is dedicated purely to those who enjoy getting that adrenaline flowing. When it comes to drag racing, there are definitely lots of ways to get your kicks but, as a spectator, there is really an awesome feeling that overtakes your whole body when a car stands up on its bumper, hanging two wheels in the air as it shows off something impressive.

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This time, the guys over at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos take us to the scene of a no prep as an old school Chevrolet Camaro stands up on the bumper and drags it down the track. Sparks fly as the driver and his machine go all out, kissing the ground to the rear as it impresses everyone on the scene. I would venture to think that the thrill of the whole thing is even more intense for the guy behind the wheel of this car as it almost goes into orbit. Sure, lifting the wheels in a display like this probably isn’t the most efficient way that anyone has ever gone down the strip but we have to say that it really does look cool.

You can follow along with the display down in the video below that captures the action from a variety of different angles. Seeing something like this was probably enough for everyone on site to keep their eyes glued to the action to see if anything similar would be happening again soon. This is most certainly something that we could watch over and over again, that’s for sure!

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