26 year old Totals $300K Ferrari 458 Italia

It’s Saturday, and this is your weekly dose of “What Not To Do!” ...

It’s Saturday, and this is your weekly dose of “What Not To Do!

Today, we join an unnamed twenty-six year old and a female passenger as they enjoy a cruise on a winding canyon road in sunny California. The pair are on an OXOTIC Pure Adrenaline supercar tour, enjoying the luxury and performance of the sublime Ferrari 458 Italia when the driver has a sudden lapse in judgement. Following a couple of quick acceleration runs through some of the straights in the canyon, the driver seems to be gaining confidence and accelerates into one of the last curves on the tour. However, he loses his nerve midway through the sharper-than-expected leftie and jumps all over the brakes, upsetting the cars precise balance and sending the passenger side into the guardrail with considerable force. It’s hard to say if he could have made the turn if he had stuck with it, but jumping on the brakes was exactly the worst thing to do mid-curve.

The driver immediately checks on his passenger, then unleashes a few colorful phrases, before getting out to assess the damage he’s caused to the $300,000 supercar. The damage is severe, so much so that the car was deemed a total loss by the insurance company. The loss of the Ferrari from their line up disrupted OXOTIC’s summer sessions, however, they have since replaced the 458 with a McLaren 12C, which is certainly an acceptable stand-in!

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