4 Car Accident Could have been with 5 Cars, but Amazing Reflexes Said Otherwise

When you’re out of the roadways, it’s really imperative that you have ...

When you’re out of the roadways, it’s really imperative that you have eyes in the back of your head because, at any given moment, complete disaster could unfold and you could be at the liberty of someone else’s mistakes behind the wheel that could potentially end up deadly!

This time, thanks to a driver who has equipped his car with both a front and rear facing dashcam, we’re able to sit in on the action that unfolds in just seconds but somehow, the driver in question here is able to dart out of the way at the very last second to avoid becoming a part of this big collision.

It isn’t really apparent why this driver at the beginning of the whole thing ended up plowing through the stopped traffic, but what we can see is that they weren’t going to be able to come to a halt in time and when this driver somehow managed to see it all happen in his mirror, he punched the gas pedal and his car reacted promptly to the input, delivering him to safety.

Check out the video down below that shows off the scene as this pile up almost includes one more. Hopefully, everyone involved in it was okay after the collision. I know one thing is for sure, the guy behind the wheel of the camera car is probably counting his lucky stars for not getting tied up in the situation.

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