400HP Kawasaki H2 – 214mph Street Race! 1300HP GTR – Nitrous Hayabusa

As someone who has never personally been on two wheels on the highway or during a ...

As someone who has never personally been on two wheels on the highway or during a racing scenario, I have a heck of a lot of respect for those who do it regularly. That has to take absolute nerves of steel to be able to push your motorcycle to the limits, rolling past speeds that most wouldn’t even try to carry out a car. While we would never condone doing over 200 mph on a course that isn’t closed off to the public, a part of us can’t help but watch these guys who have absolutely lost their minds, we have to respect their insane amount of courage to blast to such heights but my oh my is this sketchy!

In this one, we check out a couple of these so-called madmen in action as they rocket down the highway, going at it with a 1300 hp Nissan GT-R. With hundreds of horsepower on tap and seemingly weightless platforms to throw around, these guys absolutely blast through the streets, obliterating blacktop on their way to top speeds that have them looking like a blur every time they blast past another person who happens to be sharing the roadway with them. These are the kinds of things that you hear about from a friend of a friend and probably call nonsense on but this time, you actually get to see it for yourself.

This one comes with a super heavy do not try this at home warning but, watching the video down below can fulfill your need for speed as these guys absolutely go nuts with the throttle in a head-to-head… to head.. battle that you’re not going to want to miss. After watching this one, be sure to tell us what you think of these insane riders who take it to the next level entirely.

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