50 CAL vs Titanium At 90 Degrees (Not a good idea AT ALL)

YouTube gun expert and all around badass Edwin Sarkissian is back in the desert with ...

YouTube gun expert and all around badass Edwin Sarkissian is back in the desert with another big gun and a chunk of titanium to shoot at, and the results are both awesome and a little scary when you see what happens following the second shot.

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Edwin takes all the proper safety precautions and even sends his second camera man to safety behind the car before popping off the first round. Once he squeezes the trigger and sends the 50 caliber round downrange, the bullet impacts the block of titanium, creating a visible flash and a loud metallic ping that rings for a few seconds. The bullet itself actual ricochets above Sarkissian’s head, caught on a couple of frames of the video as it sails into the distance. That’s the reason Edwin made sure to plan ahead, as the trajectory shifting by just a few degrees could have put them in danger.

Speaking of danger, after the second round is fired, either the bullet itself or a hot piece of the titanium block landed a few feed from the table the target was on, causing a small brush fire. Luckily, Edwin had planned for this and brought fire extinguishers. He quickly quenched the flame, preventing it from spreading, which would have happened very quickly in the parched desert brush. Sarkissian then offers a nice close-up look at the difference in the depth of the two rounds.

If you ever decide to do some testing or replicate these types of videos, we don’t want to squash your creativity, we just want to remind you to always be safe. Treat the gun as if it were loaded at all times, and try to plan for every possible eventuality so that you won’t be the guy who goes viral for shooting himself in the face with a ricochet shot. Have fun, but always be safe out there!

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