500 hp Jet Ski is Badass!

Whether it be on land, sea, or even in the air, beefing up your engine is a must for ...

Whether it be on land, sea, or even in the air, beefing up your engine is a must for performance nuts across the landscape. Basically, if it moves then there’s a good chance that somebody, somewhere has taken the liberty of beefing it up a little bit and bringing a touch more of a performance outlook to whatever machine happens to be in question. This time, it just so happens to be a jet ski and that particular jet ski that we’re looking at here looks to be a complete blast as the rider here lays into the throttle and completely plows across the water with a vengeance.

I know that the rider is having a good time here because personally, even from behind the screen, I’m having an absolute blast watching them zip around out there on the water. In other applications, 500 hp is definitely a lot of juice for a machine of a bigger stature so it has to be an absolute blast when you take away some of the weight behind it and really start to get moving. When you consider the fact that most people who have been on the water will tell you that it feels like you’re going twice as fast as you really are, the adrenaline rush or has to really be cranked up to 11!

Follow along with this insane jet ski that brings tons of power to the table down in the video below and tell us what you think of this powerhouse of a personal watercraft as it rips back-and-forth, showing off its power and agility as the rider yanks the handlebars in every which direction, making sure to use it to the fullest extent of its capabilities. Would you hop on this thing and go for a ride at full throttle if the opportunity was presented to you?

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