6th Gear Burnout Ends With INSANE Tire Explosion!

Unless you’re heating up a set of racing tires and getting ready to go down to ...

Unless you’re heating up a set of racing tires and getting ready to go down to the track, doing a burnout doesn’t really have much practical use. It’s really a phenomenon that’s hard to explain why it’s awesome but, if you understand why it is, that’s all that matters. Heck, there are even entire contests based around who is able to shred the most rubber.

This time, we check out a whole collection of cars that are going at one another in such a burnout contest and Mr. Cleetus McFarland himself even shows up to try his hand at killing tires better than the rest of the competition. In the long run, he ends up stealing the show as he goes incredibly hard for the win!

After going through all six gears in his stripped down go kart version of a C5 Chevrolet Corvette, Cleetus continues to lay into the gas heavily, really roasting those tires at a high speed until they just can’t take the friction any longer and decide to burst in about a million shredded pieces. If that’s not a show, I don’t know what is! Check out the video down below as we’re taken inside of the display that really shows you how to roast some rubber.

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