A Diesel Truck with a Parachute? This Truck Looks Ridiculous!

When you’re looking across the field for machines that you think are going to ...

When you’re looking across the field for machines that you think are going to roll out and accomplish mega speed at a racing event, you’d probably be taking a peek at the different Lamborghini monsters and all sorts of sports cars that grace the half mile events with their engineering greatness.

Those cars are insanely awesome and our hearts flutter every time we watch a high-speed pass down the strip, however, watching something like a diesel truck power its way down the half mile is incredibly special in a different way entirely. These things weigh a ton and seeing them go fast is really something to feast your eyes on. It isn’t too hard to appreciate a truck that weighs in at 6000 pounds and can manage to muster up over 200 mph.

This time, we catch up with quite the awkward looking machine as a crew cab long bed pick up truck that has been lowered hits the Shift Sector half-mile with a parachute on the back. According to the owner, the truck has been 204 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, the type of racing that it was built for, however, this time, the team decided that they wanted to try to rock out at a half mile event.

This truck makes so much torque that it looks like it’s having a little bit of trouble hooking up on the racing surface out there but even when it’s struggling to gain traction, this thing is still an absolute blast to lay your eyes on as it goes through the traps at the end of the track.

Follow along with the 1320video feature down below that has this Dodge Ram crew cab monster of a machine showing off what it can do. It might not have been able to get all of the factors to line up just right to maximize its potential here but we would imagine that it could be quite the beast out there if it did!

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