A Shotgun Can’t Even Unlock The Trunk Of A Buick

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A Shotgun Can’t Even Unlock The Trunk Of A Buick

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Rednecks sometimes have their own way of accomplishing things. Whether it be building a backyard invention or something more simple like this lock removal, it’s generally an entertaining watch.

This time a Buick is the victim of some redneck ingenuity. No keys? No problem! This guy decides that his shotgun will do a nice job of taking the place of a locksmith.

Even though the lock is blown clean out of the trunk lid leaving nothing but a smoking hole, the trunk is still stuck closed for further experimenting to get it opened.

While we love making redneck jokes, we think that there’s a small part within us all that really would love to do things the redneck way! Check out this video below and tell us that this doesn’t look like a fun time!

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