A Surreal Portrait of the St. Louis Street Bike Scene and The Streetfighterz

When you’re a part of something, very close to the fire, so to speak, you might ...

When you’re a part of something, very close to the fire, so to speak, you might not realize exactly how crazy the things that you do can be. If you been working and working for so long, the results of your progress might seem like just that, results of something that has taken forever to come together. However, to others who are just catching up with the tail end of all of that hard work, the results of your progress are a lot more to their fresh set of eyes. These results can be something truly amazing that people take home with them and admire, possibly unbeknownst to the person who put all the work in in the first place. In turn, the person who is watching the finished product has no idea about all that has gone into making the show become what it is.

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Exactly what goes on behind the scenes to make stunt riders become the legendary icons that they have amounted to on two wheels? With marquee stunt riding names like Sit Down Steve and Junkyard Kenny, you’re able to see the best of what the scene has to offer and when you go check out that polished product of that Streetfighterz puts out at the end of the day, it’s quite interesting to see the finished product. This time, though, we see how all of these riders come together and interact with one another on a regular basis, practicing and practicing and practicing to make sure that they’re absolutely as perfect as can possibly be.

The scene is definitely one that screams respect and hard work. You’ve simply got to see all of it to believe it. Follow along down below in the Rated Red documentary, “Delirious,” that takes us to St. Louis to get a grasp on exactly what life is like when you’re living on two wheels and sometimes even fewer.

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