A Tow Truck Pulls A Ford Fusion Off A Gorgeous 1959 Corvette

We all might have our differences in life but as the car community, to see a classic ...

We all might have our differences in life but as the car community, to see a classic like this destroyed really hits where it hurts. By now, I’m sure that you have seen a picture of the Ford Fusion that ended up on top of a first generation Chevrolet Corvette in a Walmart parking lot and even if you haven’t, there is now a video to match.

We saw the picture floating around and have had absolutely no idea what the story was here, but the folks over at Corvette Forum have since reported that the Corvette belongs to a man whose wife found out that he was cheating and when she was struck with the unwelcome news, she got to action and went after what we would assume would be his prized possession in the 1959 Corvette. On the flip side, others who claim to be local to the situation are simply saying that it was an accident brought about by an older woman who apparently hit the gas by accident.

In either situation, thanks to a bystander, we’re able to witness the carnage for ourselves as he pulled out his camera and begins to roll as a tow truck showed up on the scene to separate the two cars from one another so that everyone can move on with their lives. Whoever has their name on the title of this Corvette probably has a newfound hole in their heart to go alongside the accident.

While all of the details behind the story still remain a little bit blurry, we hope that everyone was able to find peace after this incident that surely caused a little bit of shock to everyone that just so happened to be involved in the fiasco that has managed to go viral!

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