Abandoned Hachijo Royal Luxury Hotel with Cars And Remnants Inside

Across the world, many massive structures stand tall even though they haven’t ...

Across the world, many massive structures stand tall even though they haven’t been used for years and sometimes decades. For various reasons, these beautiful structures are simply left to rot, falling into oblivion as nobody is there to maintain or appreciate them. For most, finances are the main reason that you will find these places left for dead and this time, it most certainly looks like a lack of cash flow would be would leave this extravagant hotel in shambles, left to sit and rot into the ground. It’s a sad sight to see but if there is no business to support such a building, well, I guess that they just can’t continue on.

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In this video, we check out a hotel in Japan that goes by the name of the Hachijo Royal Hotel. From what we understand, strict travel restrictions in the area years ago would prevent people from going too far abroad which, in turn, would bring the hotel great business but as time went on and those restrictions were lifted, travelers would be able to go to different nearby areas without spending too much more money and as such, the hotel’s business would dwindle, getting to the point where it couldn’t support itself any longer which would cause the closing of the doors in 2006.

About a decade later, we see what has come of it as beautiful adornments that still remain from the statues to intricate moldings and everything in between. It looks like, originally, somebody really put a lot of effort into making this place beautiful but in just a short period of time, it became a mere shell of its former self.

It’s really a shame that places like this can’t live on forever but I guess logistics rise over all else. Follow along with the video below that shows this raring and ready explorer as he tackles the ins and outs of this hotel that is nothing more than a ghost town at this point.

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