Awesome 1949 Mercury Dwarf Car by Ernie Adams

Some people might prefer to restore a regular classic car but others, on the other ...

Some people might prefer to restore a regular classic car but others, on the other hand, might have different plans in mind, even when it comes to the same classic cars. This time, we take, for example, Ernie Adams. Instead of bringing a 1949 Mercury back to life, well, he created his very own 49 Merc.

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How do you create your own version of a car that already exists? No, we aren’t talking about Resto-modding it or customizing it in any way. Instead, Ernie decided to build one from scratch, his very own dwarf version of this classic car, and I think you’ll find it to be something worth looking into!

From top to bottom, literally every single aspect of a 1949 Mercury has been shrunken down in this dwarf car to make the mini-machine look like a scaled-down version of its bigger brother. Everything from the windshield to the headlights to the bumpers and even the wheels and tires are custom-built or sourced from another vehicle to replicate the real thing on a smaller scale. The result: Just about everyone who lays eyes on this thing is in complete shock and awe, wondering exactly how Ernie brought it all together.

If you take a peek through the video below, you will learn exactly what the thought process was and how the steps came together to make sure this miniature car could come to life. We even get a chance to watch as Ernie takes it for a spin around the block, demanding attention everywhere that it goes. There are a lot of ways to express yourself through a car and this really shows off the craftsmanship that Ernie Adams is capable of.

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