This device might replace the boot for parking enforcement

When you don’t like to cooperate with parking enforcement, well, there’s ...

When you don’t like to cooperate with parking enforcement, well, there’s a good chance that they won’t want to cooperate with you either as you may just come out to your car to find that they have thrown a boot on your wheel to immobilize you until you pay your tickets.

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With this device, the need for parking boots may be done away with entirely, but don’t get too excited because this might just be a little bit more crippling than said boots.

Using a couple of suction cups, the device known as “The Barnacle” fastens itself to your windshield and gives you a release code once you’ve paid up on your tickets. The only part that doesn’t really make sense is the part where you’re supposed to return it after being removed. I can’t see too many folks who would be willing to go that extra mile.

Check out how exactly the invention is expected to work down below and tell us if this is something that you could ever see coming to fruition and being used.

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