Beauty & Her Beast! Maria And Her 500HP Evo VIII Are Breaking Hearts Everywhere

Alright, it’s everybody’s favorite time of the week again. It’s debate time, Speed ...

Alright, it’s everybody’s favorite time of the week again. It’s debate time, Speed Society fans: We want to hear your thoughts on this girl and her ride, and the treatment of females in general in the car scene.

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Reading through the comments on this video, the lovely Maria here gets very little love from the community. Cries of “she didn’t actually build it herself” and “she can only name the parts she’s had installed” echo back and forth between the typical “cute chick ride” that it seems every girl gets regardless of what she drives.

However, I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate a bit here – and I promise I’ll block you from the page if you say it’s because I’m thirsty! – and say that Miss Maria is well ahead of the game when it comes to girls in the car scene.

From what I’ve seen, and I’ve been around this industry literally my whole life, girls can never “win”. No matter what they do, or how well they do it, they’re met with loads of hate from both sexes. “She’s just doing it for attention” seems to be the rallying cry, as if to imply any girl that has an actual interest in the automotive world is doing so simply to get likes and shares or dick pics in her inbox (really, guys???). I think a fair comparison would be male cheerleaders at the high school level, which seems to be the maturity level of many so-called enthusiasts who take to social media to blast everybody for everything without providing any positive contribution to the car world. There are certainly high-school aged boys who are interested in gymnastics and cheerleading, but if they dare say so, regardless of how genuine their interest is, they’re going to be ridiculed for participating in a girls sport.

I don’t know if you guys look around on the sidelines at college football games, but the cheerleaders are generally knockout gorgeous, and you’re not going to be one of the guys standing out there, holding them up by their butts if wait until college to show your interest in cheering. I guess the point of this is, what does a girl have to do to be allowed to participate in the hobby we all share without being branded as an attention whore? I can’t wait to hear your answers!

The Perfect Car Girl

BEAUTY & HER BEAST!!! Maria And Her 500HP Evo VIII Are Breaking Hearts Everywhere

Posted by That Racing Channel on Sunday, December 3, 2017

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