BICYCLE vs MOTORCYCLE : Jealous Cyclist Kicks Motorcycle Over!

BICYCLE vs MOTORCYCLE : Jealous Cyclist Kicks Motorcycle Over!Click the image below ...

BICYCLE vs MOTORCYCLE : Jealous Cyclist Kicks Motorcycle Over!

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Watching this video really makes our blood boil. The scene is set with a security camera facing a parked motorcycle and all seems to be normal in this nighttime street scene.

After a bicyclist passes the parked motorcycle and loops back around, you start to get the feeling that this guy is up to no good as he proceeds to look around and see if anybody is watching.

This is where the big climax happens as the cyclist gives a big boot to the motorcycle, kicking it over out of what would appear to be pure jealousy. Even if he did happen to know the owner, this is an awfully cowardly thing to do.

Check out the scene for yourself below and tell us what you think of this act. What ever happened to having pride and integrity? It certainly seems to have evaded far too many people these days.

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