Biggest Real Deal Street Race in US History! Cash Days!

Before any of us ever heard the words “Street Outlaws”, a group of ...

Before any of us ever heard the words “Street Outlaws”, a group of Dallas-based street racers gathered for what would be known as the premiere street racing gathering in the nation. Cash Days was established over a decade ago to settle the heated debate raging on the DFWSS message boards about who was the fastest man on the streets. Completely illegal and dangerous, Cash Days was not a staged event with lights and cameras, though in recent years the Discovery Channel cameras have showed up for a couple of the annual events.

For 2017, though, the only cameras on hand belonged to the 1320 Video crew, who showed up to capture the whole event in their trademark style. The complete event video is over an hour long, starting with testing the night before the main event, then following the two-night throwdown. The video opens with the pre-race test session held at a location in Dallas that, for obvious reasons, isn’t named. Several cars are on hand to test, most of whom we’ve seen on either of the shows in the Street Outlaws franchise. James and Ryan have made the haul down from the 405 with the Reaper and the Fireball Camaros to represent the OKC gang while New Orleans is represented by Scott in John Doe, Kye in the Shocker and Barry in The Godfather.


We don’t get to see the 405 cars make a hit, but John Doe and the Shocker both lay down killer looking runs, as does the gorgeous ZR1-style C4 Corvette known as Big Block Killer along with Shawn’s beautiful Mistress Nova. Barefoot Ronnie also has his gorgeous Nova out but the only hit we see him make results in early tirepsin. From there, the main event unfolds, with many more names and cars you will immediately recognize, but instead of walking you though it, we’re just gonna tell you to hit that play button and watch it for yourself.

Check out the whole event from beginning to end below and let us know what you think of Cash Days 2017!

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