Biker On The Highway Stands Backward On Seat While Texting And Recording FB Video!

Like many other cultures, when it comes to stunt riding, the idea is to one up the ...

Like many other cultures, when it comes to stunt riding, the idea is to one up the guy next to you. When you see someone carrying out a crazy stunt, it’s only natural that you’re going to want to take that stunt to the next level. This back-and-forth creates a friendly competition that really spits out some pretty insane maneuvers that these guys are getting into on two wheels. There’s really no telling where it’s going to stop as the creativity gets deeper and deeper and that competition factor just keeps on rising as well.

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This time, we check out what might be the wildest stunt of them all as this rider really takes it to a new level, seemingly defying physics with his maneuvers out there on a motorcycle. Honestly, after watching this one several times, I’m still not really even sure how he managed to pull this one off. You see, in order to take things to an all new high, this rider decided that he would not only stand up on his motorcycle but do so up backward while pulling out his phone to record a Facebook video. There are some people out there who can’t even record a Facebook video without tripping over their own two feet let alone doing it while standing on a motorcycle facing backward.

Follow along in the video below that shows off the sorcery and be sure to tell what you think of this display and what you think the secret is behind being able to carry out such a hectic stunt. I’m not really sure that there are too many people out there who would be able to say that they can do the same so you would be inclined to think that this individual is in a very elite group. I’m not sure if I would call this bravery or stupidity but in either case, it’s impossible to look away from the action.

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