BMW X5-M and Mercedes ML63 AMG Weave Through Traffic At Ungodly Speeds!

We all took a good hard look at this video and decided that yes, there is a chance ...

We all took a good hard look at this video and decided that yes, there is a chance that the footage may be sped up a bit, and if it is, so be it. The fact of the matter is, this is still some insane footage, whether it’s been doctored or not. These guys weave in and and out of traffic like seasoned stuntmen, which they may very well be, for all we know. The fact of the matter is, we don’t know much at all about this footage, but it is certainly impressive to us.

From the video’s description and the few close up glimpses we get of these hotrod haulers throughout the video, we are able to gather that this is a Mercedes Benz ML63 and a BMW X5 vying for supremacy on a fairly traffic-heavy highway, which isn’t exactly yet ideal way to spend an evening on the streets. However, that is what the two drivers decided to do for the evening. Luckily, they had a camera guy follow them through the bustling activity, keeping the camera trained on the twosome the whole time. As a matter of fact, the camera guy may be the best driver of the bunch, doing an amazing job keeping up with the traffic, the two badass SUV’s and the camera all while driving like an absolute machine.

Yes, we realize that, if in fact this footage is real, regardless of the playback speed, that all three of these drivers are putting the lives of innocent people at risk with these antics and should be punished, not lauded for their behavior. However, we can also appreciate that fact that, in the video as we see it here, nobody was hurt and nobody seemed to be in any imminent danger as the drivers were hitting gaps that were more than wide enough to maneuver through safely. When it comes down to it, we’re all hurtling toward oblivion anyway, some of us are just going to have a lot more fun on the journey.

Insanity on the road! :O

ML63 AMG vs BMW X5-M… :O

Posted by CarAdvice.com on Monday, October 9, 2017

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