Chevelle Burnout Ends in Arrest

If you’ve ever felt the power of a burnout, using all that horsepower to turn ...

If you’ve ever felt the power of a burnout, using all that horsepower to turn tires into smoke in a display that doesn’t seem like it makes much sense sometimes but just feels so good, then you get exactly why the person behind the wheel of this Chevrolet Chevelle is out there killing some tires!

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In this video that appears to be filmed in some sort of industrial park, the guy behind the wheel this old-school muscle car isn’t playing around. He decides to lay into the throttle, sliding sideways and contorting the car in all sorts of different directions to create the most smoke possible.

However, what the driver doesn’t realize is that a police officer is nearby and just so happens to stumble upon the display right in the middle of a full throttle spin fest. Basically, this driver was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up paying for it.

Check out the video below as the smoke show commences and this poor enthusiast ends up getting arrested for his actions. You have to be on a pretty bad streak of luck to be doing something like this and have a police officer roll up right in the middle of it.

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