Busting Through a Giant Snow Bank in a 6×6 Western Star Snow Plow

While much of North America is enjoying unseasonably warm weather, there are still ...

While much of North America is enjoying unseasonably warm weather, there are still plenty of places dealing with tons of snow on the ground. Luckily, most of these places are equipped to deal with that exact problem, and even have guys that take along their GoPro and record their plowing activities.

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One such crew member, YouTuber JimHowDigsDirt, was tasked with busting through this massive snow drift on a rural road in Nova Scotia, and recorded this awesome footage of the road-clearing process. Jim, along with co-worker Mike, analyze the huge pile of snow and figure out the ideal plan of attack, then go to work making the road passable again.

The progress is slow and meticulous at first, but around seven minutes in, the fun begins when Jim takes a more direct – and impactful – approach to the job, getting up a little speed and “plowing” through the bank with a little more authority. The decision is a little risky given the potential to damage the truck from ramming it into tons of snow, but it pays off as he’s able to clear the mound in just a few short minutes. Well done, Jim and Mike. We’re sure the residents in the area are thankful for your hard work!

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