California Police Pose as Homeless in Sting Operation Collecting Revenue

With the evolution of technology comes the evolution of law and these days, if ...

With the evolution of technology comes the evolution of law and these days, if you’re caught texting and driving, it could lead to a pricey ticket. The methods in which law enforcement goes about finding out those who are in violation can stir up quite the controversy along the way.

The main question at hand here is “How important is it to stop drivers from being on their phone while driving?” While many would argue that the offense is minuscule, others agree with this police department that says it’s dangerous! The statistics don’t lie and do say that it can cause some pretty ugly wrecks but what lengths should we be going to in order to stop it.

This police department thinks that it’s so dangerous, in fact, that they sent a couple of their police officers undercover as a homeless people to catch the texters in the act and pull them out of traffic to write a ticket!

Check out the sting below that is catching folks who don’t have their eyes on the road and tell us what you think of this delegation of resources that is aimed solely at getting people off of their cell phones.

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