Camaro Wreck Sends Pieces into the Stands, This One Spiraled Out of Control Quickly

For the most part, drag racing offers up the potential of being a great time. For ...

For the most part, drag racing offers up the potential of being a great time. For spectators and drivers alike, raw competition is incredibly fun to watch. There’s nothing like watching two guys with one goal in mind and that’s to beat the other in an all-out race toward the finish line. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it gives instant gratification to see which driver is going to have what it takes to make their way down the track and outperform the guy in the next lane over. It’s this kind of raw adrenaline that keeps peoples’ eyes glued to the sport to see what’s going to happen next. However, sometimes all of that intensity takes a turn for the worse.

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Unfortunately, when you do throw all of those factors in the mix that need to come together to make a perfect pass, sometimes, things can get incredibly volatile and send one or both of the drivers on a ride with a lot of bumps. When you’re reaching incredible speeds like this pair of competitors does, reaching 180mph or more in just an eighth of a mile, if just one thing goes wrong, it could mean absolute disaster unfolds out on the racing surface. We regret to inform you that this time, that’s exactly what happened.

Luckily, after this insane accident, nobody was hurt, however, after hitting the wall and sending parts of his car flying over the fence, Nick Agostino’s Chevrolet Camaro would be pretty destroyed. There was nothing he could do but sit and wait as the car lifted up off of the ground, leaving Nick with absolutely no control. All that he could do was hope that the outcome was favorable as we did when we watched this thing unfold. Check out the video below to see how it all worked out for him. As he remained in good health, Agostino will be able to move forward and race again, the Camaro will probably need a bit of attention, though.

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