Can You Crush a Heavy Duty Vise With a Hydraulic Press?

This is definitely one of our favorite viral phenomena: crushing random stuff in a ...

This is definitely one of our favorite viral phenomena: crushing random stuff in a hydraulic press. There is something both exciting and satisfying about watching this powerful press smashing things to smithereens, and we could literally watch these videos all day.

The Hydraulic Press Channel has stepped up their game and decided to crush some items most of us consider pretty durable: a heavy duty vice, a rubber mallet, and a RFID card reader. First up, the bench-mount vice, which seems like it would be a tall order for the press. However, the vice is no match for the tons of pressure applied by the press and is quickly reduced to a pile of metal chunks and broken pieces.

Up next, the card reader, billed as the toughest RFID reader in the world, and it does hold up to the press surprisingly well. The press operators have two readers, leaving one in dry ice for a couple of hours, only to show that it still works after the deep freeze. But the press does in the 2nd one as well, smashing it and the block of dry ice it’s perched upon.

Finally, the rubber mallet, which also fares surprisingly well to the torture test. It loses its shape quite a bit and the handle gets broken off, but as the operator points out, usually rubber explodes in the press, while the mallet just sort of deforms. Check out the video below, these clips never get old!

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