Car Brake Checks Truck and Pays the Price

Dashcam footage to the rescue again!Click the image below to Become a Speed Society ...

Dashcam footage to the rescue again!

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We can’t really figure out what would possess the driver of this little red car to pull over in front of a semi truck and slam on the brakes after passing on the highway. However, that’s exactly what he did and the massive rig punted the little Econobox right off the roadway after tapping his rear bumper. The truck’s driver does his best to carefully bring his eighteen wheeler to a stop, and probably said a little prayer thanking God his dashcam was rolling because there’s no mistaking the driver in the other car intentionally brake-checked the big rig for no good reason.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.42.58 AM

Drivers need to keep in mind that semi trucks need a little extra room on the roadway due to their size and weight. Even the best over-the-road driver can’t overcome the laws of physics, so be a little more respectful of these rigs and give them room to operate on the open road!

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