Car Hacking: Inside a Government Test Lab | Consumer Reports

Car Hacking: Inside a Government Test Lab | Consumer ReportsEnter for your chance to ...

Car Hacking: Inside a Government Test Lab | Consumer Reports

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Today, we bring you a story that is going to make you appreciate cars that were built before the use of computers even more than you did before!

If you weren’t aware, cars whose functions are controlled by a computer have the possibility to be hacked into and the hackers can control just about everything!

This time, we’re walked through a demonstration of exactly what scary things hackers can accomplish should they have a reason to mess with your commute. Anything from the car’s power to the steering and everything in between can be tampered with.

If you aren’t scared yet, check out the video below that’s described as a not “if,” but “when” scenario that could be a reality soon if we don’t take measures to prevent it.

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