Comedian Mike Epps’ Car Collection! Hot Rods and Luxury Cars!

As is often the case with celebrities, comedian and actor Mike Epps spends a lot of ...

As is often the case with celebrities, comedian and actor Mike Epps spends a lot of his hear-earned cash on his collection of cars, and he’s got some pretty badass rides that he has collected over the years. This video from GQ takes a good look at Epps’ diverse collection.

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The first ride is a great boulevard cruiser: the 1964 Buick Riviera. Sitting perfect and outfitted with a great looking set of wheels, as well as a custom suede interior and a booming sound system. This ride certainly fits Epps, and seems like it may be the ride he jumps in most often. From there, we check out Mike’s 2013 Range Rover, a great looking SUV that packs plenty of power under the hood while moving Mike and company in style.

Speaking of rolling in style, Epps’ next ride oozes style and class. The 2013 Rolls Royce Ghost costs around a quarter million a boasts an available 44,000 color combinations and packs a 560 horsepower boosted V1 under its expansive hood. The guy from GQ clues Mike in to the trademark door umbrella, a Rolls  Epps isn’t just about riding in the cushy comfort of these rides, though.

Mike has one of the more unique roasters we’ve ever seen, a ’32 Ford T-Bucket with big wire wheels, a surprisingly good looking choice for the classic hotrod. The roadster is powered by a healthy sounding small block and has a great Oooga horn to finish off the build. To go along with the T-Bucket, Mike is currently building a wicked 1957 Chevy convertible with the heart of a late-model Camaro engine and suspension. That car will be an awesome ride when it’s all put together.

As you can see, this comedy giant has great taste in rides, instead of sticking with one style, he’s branched out to build an awesome mix of vehicles.

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