Criminal Jumps Onto Moving Train To Escape Police!

Every once in a while, a situation pops into the news were somebody looks like ...

Every once in a while, a situation pops into the news were somebody looks like they’re playing a game of Grand Theft Auto in real life. While antics pictured in this video might look something like the popular video game, I can most certainly guarantee you that this one isn’t animated at all. Instead, we check in with a real life situation where someone is incredibly determined to get away from the police and will take every means possible to carry out that goal. In fact, this individual was so determined that, it looks like they might have actually have come through on their attempt to get away from their tail.

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This news report starts with a break from the regularly scheduled programming in order to cut to a car chase, a situation that has the police hot on the tail of a suspect who is looking to evade. It’s definitely exciting to watch a situation like this unfold but it’s most certainly not the first of its kind. However, what comes next might be the first time that you ever seen a series of events like this come to life. After the car doesn’t look like a viable option any longer, it just so happens that this criminal hops on a train, with the continued effort to get away from that chase.

This one isn’t over until after the man hops off of the train, runs through a neighborhood, and finds a hiding place to duck away from the law. As of now, the new station reports that, after the chase, police had apprehended two suspects but we still aren’t sure if the man that was seen in this video has been apprehended. I’m not sure what this guy did to need to run away like that but I can guarantee you that, based on his efforts, it’s probably something pretty steep.


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