Crushing stuff with 360° Hydraulic press (Crimping machine)

The crazy Finns from the massive Beyond The Press YouTube channel have found yet ...

The crazy Finns from the massive Beyond The Press YouTube channel have found yet another awesome way to destroy random items, and its possibly even more fun to watch than their original hydraulic press series.

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Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.59.11 AM

Sticking with hydraulics, the duo rounded up a few times to put inside a crimping machine, or a 360 degree hydraulic press, and the results are pretty incredible. The first item into the crimper is a standard billiard ball, which shatters almost immediately when the teeth of the press clamp down. The slow-motion footage of the pool ball exploding is equal parts awesome and art, as the bright orange sphere splinters into pieces. 

After that, they put the screws to a couple of hockey pucks, some rolls of paper and even a roll of duct tape, which is forced out of the press into a strange, sticky flower shaped lump. These guys definitely know whats enjoyable to watch as it’s compressed with tons of force, so go ahead and watch this clip and see just how deformed these things get!

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