CTS-V Coupe Destroys Detroit’s “Fastest” Charger Hellcat

When it comes to racing, there are many situations that will unfold and cause a lot ...

When it comes to racing, there are many situations that will unfold and cause a lot of drama and controversy especially when you take your racing to the streets. This time, it just so happens to be a little back and forth between a Dodge Charger Hellcat owner and Cadillac CTS-V owner that’s quite entertaining to watch.

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One of the first things that you should know about this pair of cars is that both claim to crank out over 1000 hp. No matter who you are, putting cars in the streets with that amount of power is really something that will call for a spectacular show.

Now, it would appear as if the folks behind a video are insinuating that the Charger driver claims to be the “fastest” around at some point in time and this Cadillac driver was out to prove him wrong in a couple of roll racing jaunts that appear to have left the CTS-V on top. While the second race appears to have the Charger driver missing a shift or something of the like, the first race looks to have the Cadillac owner rolling away with ease.

After both of these races, it still looks like the Charger driver is claiming to be unbeaten, though. I guess that in situations like this, the drama in the streets will just keep on keeping on. That’s something that will really never change no matter where you go or what you’re racing.

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