Daddy Dave vs Helleanor in a photo finish at Redemption 6.0

If you want to talk about a pair of cars that are incredibly clean and well put ...

If you want to talk about a pair of cars that are incredibly clean and well put together, look no further than the ProCharged Goliath 2.0 Chevrolet Nova and the twin turbo Helleanor Ford Mustang. These things are not only a joy to look at, but they also have more than their fair share of pop under the hood to boot!

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In this video from the guys over at the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel, we’re able to get a look at this pair of racers as they go head-to-head with one another at the Redemption 6.0 No Prep and to say that it’s close would be a true understatement here.

We watch as the pair rockets off of the line, throwing down in the Chevy vs Ford matchup that takes them to the finish line, door to door, creating one heck of a photo finish that you might have to watch a couple of times in slow motion to decide with certainty who took him the victory here.

Slide into the video below that will take you along for the ride as this one comes down to what can’t be any more than the length of a fender. If you’re looking for a race that’s closely contested then it really doesn’t get any better than this stellar pairing of the titans.

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