Daddy Daves Daily Driver Truck vs Built 5.0 Mustang On The Streets Of Mexico!

We’ve discussed before that the guys that you watch on Monday nights from the 405 do ...

We’ve discussed before that the guys that you watch on Monday nights from the 405 do more racing than what you see on TV each week. While they often hit the streets of OKC and many other locations across the country, in the cars you see on the show, when the cameras aren’t rolling, they also have other rides that they like to do bring out to get in on the action in the streets. There are a few videos out there and more surfacing all the time of these guys in their actual street cars – some of them that are driven daily – lining up on the road around the Oklahoma City area.

Daddy Dave has a clean little S10 that’s sporting a twin turbo LS under the hood that is perfect for street racing. The small turbos spool quickly, giving the truck a great street setup. He’s lined up a race with The Cream Machine, a Blue Coyote-powered Mustang that we just saw winning a small Cash Days-style shootout in another video from Big Rob Entertainment. We know the Mustang is quick, but Dave’s S-Dime is certainly no slouch, so we know coming in this will be a good race, and despite the miscues at the starting line – one for each driver – it’s pretty obvious these two knew what they were doing when they agreed to run.

The first time they line up, Daddy Dave jumps the start when his truck starts pushing through the brakes as boost builds. He pays up for his error and they decide to run it back, only to have the driver of the Mustang jump the light ever so slightly, meaning the two end the night with no clear winner, despite a couple of great side-by-side passes.

After the racing concludes, Jackie slides behind the wheel of Chief’s street car, the sinister black CTS-V known as Caddy Jack and make a test hit. She leaves hard but the car loses traction just off the line, so she wisely aborts the run to keep the car off the curb.

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