Death of Titanic Mega Machines! Fails, Fires, Saves and Crashes

When operating high dollar construction equipment, workers are under extreme caution ...

When operating high dollar construction equipment, workers are under extreme caution because one false move with an expensive piece of equipment and their job could be a goner. Being a liability with expensive equipment doesn’t exactly scream “job security,” after all.

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Even though extreme caution happens to be the case most of the time, this time, we catch up with situations in which mistakes are made and, as a result, some of the most expensive construction equipment in the entire world goes tumbling down in a blaze of glory and it’s not pretty to look at.

From fires to rollovers and everything in between, this compilation of videos takes it upon itself to show us some of the ugliest scenes on construction sites across the world where millions of dollars worth of equipment is destroyed in a matter of seconds. We would never wish events like this on anybody, but when they happen, you just can’t help but watch!

Check out the collection of videos down below that just might make you cringe as all of this machinery goes sliding right through the operators’ fingertips. Probably even more interesting than the incident itself was a conversation that had to go on after the fact.

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