Did You Know They Have Special Trains To Clear Railways?

Just like roadways across the nation, railways have to be cleared of snow before ...

Just like roadways across the nation, railways have to be cleared of snow before traffic can return to normal after a heavy snowfall. To do that, the rail lines have special locomotives called snow piercers that head out following the snowfall to get to work making the rails passable again so things can get back on schedule for the cargo being transported throughout the country.

It just so happens that these snow piercers are incredibly cool to watch in action, plowing through the deep snow effortlessly, and slinging the snow high into the air in either direction, out and away from the tracks like a giant rolling avalanche. While it looks like they’re hauling butt, the trains can only go so fast for the plow to work most efficiently, combining speed and effectiveness to balance the cost of clearing the rails, which can’t be cheap. However, it has to be done to keep the cargo rolling.

The video below shows several different sections of track being cleared, but it’s unclear if this is the same train doing the clearing or different units. The footage was posted by a YouTube channel that is small but has a lot of views, all on train videos, but there aren’t any details about the train itself or the location for this clip.

It’s crazy to watch this footage and see literally tons of snow being flung out of the way seemingly effortlessly by this beast of a plow. It just goes to show that with a little ingenuity and some good old fashioned torque, manmade machines can tackle just about any problem and come out on top.

Have you ever seen a snow plow train? Where were you when you saw it? I would hate to see what happened if somebody stood a little too close to one of these things as it passed. Digging your way out from under several feet of snow doesn’t sound fun at all!


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