Drop What You’re Doing and Watch, This Dirtbike Acrobat Doubles as a Madman and Your Jaw Will Drop

Sure, you have probably seen stunting on a motorcycle before and might’ve even ...

Sure, you have probably seen stunting on a motorcycle before and might’ve even been impressed by it. However, I can’t recall that I have ever seen any sort of stunt riding like this and that’s not necessarily taking away from anybody but the way that this guy manages to contort his bike in every which way is just so awesome that we can’t take our eyes off of it. How this dude manages to keep himself together to try out half of the stunts pictured here is really beyond me. I guess it takes that “don’t look down” mentality to the next level as he keeps on climbing and seemingly defying physics along the way.

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After each stunt, you’re probably going to keep telling yourself that there’s no way that you could possibly top the display just pulled off but then, lo and behold, upon the next stunt in line, he ends up doing just that as this rider really outdoes himself, pretty much doing all that a bag of chips along the way. It’s incredibly impressive, especially when you watch him launch from the ground to a high surface with a flick of the throttle and the upward pool of his handlebars. It’s almost like this rider is as good on his motorcycle as he is with walking if not even better on two wheels!

Follow along in the video below that shows off what might be one of the most acrobatic displays that you have ever seen on two wheels. We have to warn you, though, because checking this one out my just give you a little bit of vertigo as you watch the bike climb higher and higher, making its presence felt in a display that would pretty much blow anyone away. After checking this one out, be sure to tell us what you think of this highflying motorcycle rider who really does his best to put on quite a wheelie display.

It's like American Ninja, for motorbikes!

Now that's some skill right there! CarAdvice.com

Posted by CarAdvice.com on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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