Don’t Sleep on this Mustang Killing ProCharged GMC!!

Don’t Sleep on this Mustang Killing ProCharged GMC!!Come join us on the The ...

Don’t Sleep on this Mustang Killing ProCharged GMC!!

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The 1997 GMC Sierra was a good truck for its time. Heck, many are even running around on the road today, carrying out their original duty of hauling the goods from point “A” to “B.” When you go to put the same truck on the drag strip, though, it might not seem as functional.

It looks like somebody forgot to tell that to the owner of this pickup truck because his truck is anything but a pushover when it comes to blitzing down the quarter mile!

Thanks to a small block Chevy and a ProCharger mounted to the front, this GMC has some life huffed into it as the truck manages to make pass after pass down the drag strip consistently in the low 11-second range.

Check out the super clean workhorse in action in the video below as it puts a Ford Mustang or two in its place along the way. The best part is that, outside of some trick wheels, this thing looks exactly like it did when it rolled off of the assembly line, late in 1996.

Check out this turbo diesel C10 as it pulls a remarkable wheelie!

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 11.28.20 AM

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