The Texas Mile: 1 Mile, No Speed Limit

In the middle of nowhere in South Texas, there is a town called Beeville, TX. There ...

In the middle of nowhere in South Texas, there is a town called Beeville, TX. There isn’t much around except for oil rigs and cowboys. Two times a year, car guys converge on Beeville for the adrenaline rush of a lifetime; the Texas Mile. 3 days, 1 mile, no speed limit.

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In October of 2003, the Texas Mile had it’s initial event. The event is simple. It is a mile and half long runway previously used by the Navy where they let you go all out and test your car’s capabilites. Cars come from across the country for this all out adrenaline rush. The cars that show up aren’t just racecars built for the event. They had a few vintage Bonneville cars, stock GT500’s, Z06’s, a Ford GT, and even an old C20 farm truck. The event was unique and nobody was shunned for bringing something not up to par with the rest of the field.


We took Ken Kelley’s Hellcat Charger out there to see what a stock Hellcat can do in a mile. In true Speed Society fashion, he took the title of fastest stock Hellcat in the standing mile so far; 182.3 mph. Only one Hellcat beat him with a speed of 186.4, but it was equipped with Hennessey’s HPE850 package. This gives it a new ECU, a better tune, smaller pulley, and a ported throttle body to up the output to 852bhp @ 6,200rpm. It was amazing to see this over 4,500-pound car keep up with Z06’s and Shelby GT500 who had a significant weight advantage. Ken plans to bring his Hellcat back with better tires and try again in October. He is planning on ordering a set of HRE P101‘s 20×10″ front and 20×11″ rear so that we can put Toyo Proxes R888’s on it and get more grip. He plans on running a 285/35R20 front and 315/30R20 rear. The R888 are extremely sticky and very stable at high speeds, which is why they’re so popular with cars running 1/2-mile events such as Shift S3ctor. With the factory 9.5″ wide wheels, much wider than the factory 275 can give too much sidewall flex and cause high-speed instability. Hopefully these wider tires with the right compound help him get closer to the 185mph mark.

Multiple cars and bikes ran over 200mph last weekend, but one car brought everyone’s attention when it pulled up to the line. M2K Motorsports’ twin-turbo Ford GT took the record a few years back at 173mph, but this year they stepped it up even further. This GT has a 5.4L Accufab Racing long block capable of over 2,000hp, Accufab rods, pistons, custom-spec Bryant crankshaft, fully ported and polished heads, custom-spec camshafts, Hogan billet intake with an air to water intercooler, a pair of monstrous Precision billet-wheel ball-bearing turbochargers and whole lot of time and engineering. They dynoed it back in 2013 and put 1,894 horsepower to the rear wheels at 7,500 rpm. Here’s the best part; those numbers aren’t even on full boost.

This weekend, M2K shattered their previous 278 mph record. As I watched their second pass, they hit 157.5 at the quarter mile mark, 207.3 by the half and reached 279.9mph in the mile to break their former record by 1.7 mph. M2K thinks that 182-185mph is achievable when they turn up the boost. Check out our video of this monster at the event.

The Texas Mile was an absolute blast. You always wonder how fast you could go with a giant stretch of open road in front of you. The team at the Texas Mile gives you: 8,000 feet of no cops, no speed limit, just foot to the floor and hold on. In the words of Mario Andretti, “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”  The next even will be in October, but official dates have not been released yet. Stay tuned to the TexasMile.net website to find information on the next event!

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