Ether Tire Mounting Explosion Compilation!

Mounting tires is not an easy task, and in many cases, seating the bead and ensuring ...

Mounting tires is not an easy task, and in many cases, seating the bead and ensuring it seals properly against the rim is the hardest part of the job. Using the highly flammable chemical ether is one way that many people use, while many others preach vehemently against its use, as it certainly can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

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Basically, spraying ether into the tire then igniting it creates an explosion inside the tire itself that forces it outward against the wheel instantaneously. If you use the right amount of ether, you should be left with a nicely inflated tire that has the bead seated perfectly against the wheel. Spray too little and the explosion won’t be powerful enough to seal the tire bead, leaving you in the same situation you started in. Spray too much and the tire could overinflate and lead to several outcomes, none of which are good.

We’ve seen tires blow the bead completely over the wheel lip, and we’ve seen the ether explosion actually blow the sidewall out of the tire. The wildest and most dangerous outcome, though, is that the explosion can cause the tire to lift off the ground, sometimes a few inches to as many as 8 or 10 feet, leaving anything and everything within a few yards in imminent danger from both the tire itself to land on or bounce into upon returning to earth.

Watch below for a full 10 minutes of people using ether to mount their tires. Some of them are funny, and some are downright sketchy!

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