Extremely Expensive 1965 Mustang Loading Goes Horribly Wrong

From the “Fail Files”, today we a lesson in what not to do when loading ...

From the “Fail Files”, today we a lesson in what not to do when loading beautiful, show-quality Mustang into a car hauler for transport.

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This driver, obviously unfamiliar with the finesse required to drive a torquey V8 with a clutch, makes an absolute fool of himself when he drops the rear end off the loading ramps, causing an estimated $12,000 in damage to Gregory Blaisdell’s 1965 Mustang. Why is that an estimated amount, you ask? Because the driver had his authorization to transport the car revoked, but loaded it up and left with it anyway. As of this writing, the car has been reported as stolen and was last believed to be somewhere in Arizona.

We’re not sure what this driver has in mind, holding an American icon hostage like this, but things are likely only going to get worse as this saga continues to unfold. Hopefully Blaisdell is able to get his car back in relatively good condition before this guy really flips and dumps it in the desert. If you’re in the southwest and you see a car hauler with a frantic driver, perhaps alert the authorities. You may help a man find his pride and joy and send the idiot driver who stole it to jail!

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