Fabrication And Technology – Radial Solenoid Engine

Fabrication And Technology – Radial Solenoid EngineEnter for your chance to win ...

Fabrication And Technology – Radial Solenoid Engine

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We have seen some impressive builds, put together through the use of nothing other than a few simple tools and the two steady hands of the creators themselves.

To up the impressiveness that compliments these types of creations, this build was carried out by a couple of college students, Jeffrey Weng & Connor Lee. The two of them would embark on a mission to create their very own radial engine, an engine a bit different than you might expect.

Instead of internal combustion, this motor would be completed with the use of solenoids and electric power, creating quite the one-off setup.

Check out the “dorm built” creation in the video below and tell us what you think of this homemade feat of engineering. If someone asked us to do this, we wouldn’t even know where to start!

Watch as this crazy radial engine VW Bug starts up!


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