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The Bionic Boot could very well find its way into our homes in the not too distant ...

The Bionic Boot could very well find its way into our homes in the not too distant future. We have to assume that since this video was made in 2014, these have been even further refined and could be nearing a marketability soon, and we kind of hope they do for a couple of reasons.

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First, the inventors dedication to his passion is tremendous. He’s dedicated much of his adult life to making the Bionic Boot what it is, and he’s determined to see the project through to fruition, which would be a huge win for those with the DIY mindset. He’s taken then boot from a laughable contraption to a sleek, refined product.

We also want to be able to head to the park or the walking trail and see folks bounding about on these things, running superhuman speeds with this bouncy gait. Once these things have caught on, we have to assume an aftermarket will develop for them, allowing you to modify them to be ever faster and cooler looking! How cool would that be, ordering parts for your Bionic Boots!?

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