GIANT RC Plane With Seven Motors!

GIANT RC Plane With Seven Motors!Enter for your chance to win the GTR Redline or ...

GIANT RC Plane With Seven Motors!

Enter for your chance to win the GTR Redline or $50,000 in Ca$h!
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If you’ve been keeping an eye on the world of remote control, you might have noticed that the hobby has gone overboard, creating just about anything that your heart might desire.

This time, we take a peek at a remote control airplane featuring the likes of seven motors and a wingspan that stretches out over six meters, that’s almost twenty feet, about twice the length of your average car!

When this thing takes flight, it’s like poetry in motion as it glides through the air somewhat effortlessly while making its dominance known with its epic size.

Check out the video below as the behemoth takes flight, demanding attention. This thing looks to be about the ultimate remote control vehicle for any collection!




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