GTR Winner Jimi Higgins VIP Experience at Speed Society HQ!

GTR Winner Jimi Higgins VIP Experience at Speed Society HQ!We're linking up with ...

GTR Winner Jimi Higgins VIP Experience at Speed Society HQ!

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If you weren’t aware, we here at Speed Society have kind of gone off the deep end and decided to give away a new car or a bundle of cash every month and a half, of which the winner is left to choose from.

Our debut giveaway would feature the likes of one of the most revered cars in the streets, a Nissan GT-R and we absolutely couldn’t wait to introduce the car to its new owner.


The winner of our last giveaway chose to hop behind the wheel of the Nissan instead of taking home the $40,000 and with his winnings came a winning experience.

What does said experience consist of? We flew him out to speed Society HQ in sunny California and gave him the VIP treatment which we will elaborate upon below.


Winner, Jimi Higgins, would be picked up from the airport in a Ferrari 458 and taken to our offices where he would be introduced to his newest love.

When Jimi walked in the door to see the new ride, his happiness was radiant and our excitement to get Jimi behind the wheel of the car matched.

The feeling was more than contagious as everyone was anxiously awaiting his reaction and it was more than we ever could have wished for.


When Jimi finally did get behind the wheel, it was almost like he was born to drive this thing. The GT-R was a perfect fit for its new owner. He does claim that it will take some getting used to, but we’re confident that he will be 100% confident in his new set of wheels in no time at all!

With modifications like the 3″ AAM intake, aftermarket injectiors, carbon fiber intake runners, and aftermarket exhaust, this thing is ready to roll like the beast that it is!


As if the new car and Ferrari ride weren’t enough, a couple more exotic car rides would follow including the likes of a 1400hp Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo and our 1300hp twin turbo Chevrolet Camaro.

Sharing cars like these is perhaps the best perk of ownership and the reason that we do what we do. It really does give us that extra jolt to wake up every morning.


The cars generally prove to be pure bliss for anyone that so chooses to plop down in the shotgun seat and go for a ride and we must say that Jimi was ecstatic to check these out as well!


Hopefully, the experience at Speed Society was one that Jimi will remember for the rest of his life and that memory will sit nicely in the garage alongside his shiny new GT-R.


Check out the video below to see exactly how Jimi reacted to his new car and just a taste of our cars here at Speed Society. To be honest, we’ve played it back several times ourselves.

We would like to thank everyone who took the opportunity to check out this giveaway and we’d also like to let you know that the next car on deck is America’s sweetheart, the Chevrolet Corvette C7.


In addition to the once in a lifetime chance of winning a C7 Corvette, the winner will yet again have the opportunity to instead stack the same $40,000 into their pockets!


Want to get in on this magic? Be sure to stop by the Speed Society store for the ultimate opportunity to hop behind the unstoppable and legendary Corvette! Words can’t even express how excited we are to be in the position to be able to interact with the community on this level!

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