Guy Buys a Brand New Motorcycle And Gets Pulled Over Instantly!

Being able to buy a brand-new motorcycle or any sort a brand-new vehicle can be quite ...

Being able to buy a brand-new motorcycle or any sort a brand-new vehicle can be quite the hectic time along with being quite exciting. You might be a little bit stressed out about how all the money aspects are going to work out and how the paperwork needs to come together just right as there are several different aspects that need to fall into place. However, once all of that is said and done, you can roll off the lot with your new ride while smiling ear to ear, excited about your newest purchase that you can now roll off and enjoy.

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This time, however, we catch up with a character who purchased himself a brand-new motorcycle and managed to get pulled over almost instantly. He literally didn’t even make it out of the dealership’s parking lot when flashing blue lights would emerge, stopping him from being able to move and before he even knew it, three police cruisers would be in on the action to make sure that nothing fishy was happening! I guess if the explanation here was that the dealership had been experiencing crime and that the officers just wanted to make sure that the bike wasn’t stolen, especially given the fact that the new motorcycle owner says that everything didn’t get wrapped up until about an hour and a half after the dealership had already closed.

Follow along with a confusing moment for this new motorcycle owner that led to a short confrontation but, eventually, they managed to get everything sorted out. I don’t know what I would’ve thought if I had rolled out of the dealership with my new bike and immediately got pulled over before I could even make it out of the parking lot. If this isn’t a story that he’s going to be able to tell over and over again for all of his friends, I’m not exactly sure what is.

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