Helicopter Landing Goes BAD! WILD Wreck With No Injuries!

Helicopter Landing Goes BAD! WILD Wreck With No Injuries!Come join us on the The ...

Helicopter Landing Goes BAD! WILD Wreck With No Injuries!

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When this group of guys set out to put together a seven story high structure that would be used as a Christmas tree, the job would get a little bit more expensive than originally anticipated.

In order to secure the tower to the ground and ensure stability, cables must be hung from the top and secured to the ground with the use of a helicopter. When performing the job, the pilot gets just a little bit too close to the cable he’s hanging and ends up snagging up one of the chopper’s blades.

Check out the video as the helicopter crashes down right in front of our eyes! The pilot caught the worst of the injuries as he went home just a little bit banged up and no major injuries to speak of!

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