Honda CRF 450 Engine Blows Mid Wheelie and Almost Wrecks!

When the engine on this Honda CRF 450 lets go, it really lets go!Come join us on the ...

When the engine on this Honda CRF 450 lets go, it really lets go!

Come join us on the The Legends Rally! Its a culinary off-road experience that explores Baja.
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As the parade of riders pass by, pulling wheelies on these dirtbikes-on-street tires, all seems to be going well. Several of them pass by on the back tire with no obvious issues. Then the camera turns to face the other direction and things take a turn for the worse in a big way. As one of the bikes stands up on the rear tire, the engine lets go in spectacular fashion, sending chunks of the block flying, along with the internal fluids and almost the rider himself.

Upon inspection, you can see that the block has a massive hole in it, big enough to see inside the engine. Fluids cover the roadway and pieces of the engine had to be gathered up into a small pile. Luckily the rider was able to safely bring the bike to a stop without crashing, a tall task with oil under the rear tire.

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